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Mediation & Arbitration

Denise Farris is a powerful mediator and strives to help diverse opponents reach a mutual compromise. She trained in mediation and arbitration and has experience as both a trial and transactional lawyer. Denise understands the financial, temporal and emotional costs of litigation. She brings this knowledge to practical use as she works with opposing parties to reach a mutual agreement.

Recent Articles

Contract Obligations And Defenses Under COVID 19

In this Orwellian time of global pandemic, worldwide commercial interruption and governmental indecisiveness, business owners and employers are scrambling to implement emergency plans against an unknown and largely unforeseeable future.
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ADR – A Cost Efficient Alternative to Litigation

It’s a familiar situation.  You’ve entered into some kind of contract or business arrangement and the deal has gone south.  For one reason or another, one of the parties is
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Recent Media Mentions

WWMB profile Denise Farris: ‘You carry the appearance of success, and then it is verified’

Denise Farris didn’t have a college degree but was working her way up the career ladder. She parlayed administrative assistant and logistics jobs in different industries into a position as director
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